Blockchain Security & Ethereum Smart Contract Audits

Security is critical in the blockchain space. Our comprehensive smart contract audit service helps everyone from startups to enterprises launch and maintain their Ethereum blockchain applications.

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What We Do


We are understands that security and scalability call for a robust software. We pride in building decentralized applications and offering blockchain decentralization solutions.

Smart Contract Audits

Our dedicated team has audited more than 11 projects so far. Our main aim is to protect tokens, crowdfunding campaigns and decentralized applications by making sure all security flaws and vulnerabilities are fixed.

Consulting Services

Decentralization overtly revolutionizes how we do business, develop software, or fundraise. Our talented team is ready to provide you with a realistic decentralization roadmap.

Built with High Attention to Details

Our industry-leading suite of blockchain security analysis tools, combined with hands-on review from our veteran smart contract auditors, ensures that your Ethereum application is ready for launch and built to protect users.

“From the beginning the Solidity Solutions team made a great effort to contribute to the security of the Unifinance Platform, providing knowledge that helped us grow our awareness and security-focused culture. Their technology will be extremely helpful to move Unifinace forward.”

Fullstack Blockchain Developer,

Benefits of a Smart Contract Audit and Diligence’s Ethereum Security Service

  • Avoid Costly Errors
  • Automatic Scans
  • Expert Review
  • Easy Integration
  • Continuous Verification
  • Detailed Analytics Reports