Security flaws, errors, and inefficiencies can be costly when deploying blockchain smart contracts.

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Pre Sale

Customers contact us for an audit. We ask them to send us the code and documentation to evaluate its length, complexity, viability, and purpose. Once the evaluation is done by our experts, we make a quotation which includes the calculated price and estimated audit duration. The quotation is then sent by email to the customer by email for confirmation and terms agreement. If the customer agrees to the terms, we send a formal proposal entailing all the details of the audit, price, terms, and payment.

Payment confirmed

We begin working on the audit immediately we receive the confirmation. The customer’s documentation and code is also reviewed simultaneously. We then contact the customer if we have any questions whatsoever.

Audit Process

We run tests to identify common problems, go through the smart contract code for verification and making sure it matches with the documentation provided by the customer. We usually send a preliminary report to the customer containing the main problems found. This allows us to correct any other errors before publishing the final audit report.


Our final report includes a detailed summary of the audit process, links to the audited smart contract, and an explanation of what it does. The report then details the performed analysis and describes the issues found in the contract including severity level. Based on code best practices, we propose improvements which would enhance the contract code semantics. Finally, we wrap up the report with a conclusion which includes a summary of the most important items we noticed in the audit process.